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Mother Earth Herbalism offers you natural, organic and ecological ingredients chosen with great care for their numerous virtues. Some medicinal plants are grown in my Gaspesian gardens with healthy soil and without any added product, patiently harvested by hand in a responsible way (1/3 for me and you, 1/3 left for animals and insects, then 1/3 left in place so that nature can renew itself). My plants are then transformed to offer you high-quality products! I also source all plants in demand beyond my ability to harvest alone or grow in another climate.

The natural body care products gently are there to sublimate your skin in its greatest respect because you deserve it. Organic medicinal plants, some of which have been used for thousands of years in herbal medicine, have many properties for skin care. 


You may want to create your products with our bulk ingredients, or you can choose them directly in the boutique in a ready-to-use formula. The boutique is new, so stay curious, as many more products will be added over time. It is so lovely when there are no chemicals in what you use!

A woman who takes care of her body

Important: A homemade product has a shorter shelf life because it contains no preservatives. Therefore, it is necessary to use it immediately and, in the case of a lotion, not to exceed one week's storage. However, you should know that vitamin D, for example, is a preservative that allows you to keep your creation longer.


Possible treatments? An infusion makes an excellent daily cleanser. Ideas for creations or products to offer your body? Beauty mask, moisturizer, moisturizing lotion, exfoliants, wraps, poultices, soap, shaving cream, shampoo, hair rinse, deodorant, ointment, balm, etc. and all this without forgetting the wonderful bath salts or bath bombs and you're done!


Pamper yourself, it's so nice!

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