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To offer support in your passion for herbalism, your personal needs, or your business. To inform you and allow you to learn, from quality ingredients, via an online store 100% Quebec.


You can be a student, a health professional or a person who wants to make a gift to someone dear to their heart or be from any background. Serving you is a pleasure, whoever you are.


Autonomy: allow you to learn and develop your autonomy 


Environmental: respect for the soil, the plants and the transformation processes. Rare or endangered species are not harvested.


Purity: To offer you organic products, others that are as close to organic as possible in their cultivation, to bring you relevant, interesting and quality information.


Simplicity: To allow you to save time by offering you advantageous prices and a vast range of products grouped together in a single online store, allowing you to have fewer postal charges to manage.


My Story:

A busy life path, a path made of passion and progression. 


A boundless curiosity for health, the human body and always in parallel this deep desire to garden, a Beneficiary attendant in 2003, a nursing assistant in 2006, a nurse in 2009, a massage therapist since 2017, then an orthotherapist since 2021.

In 2016 I founded my private clinic of global health, and I offer nursing care and massage therapy. Clinique Santé Aux Pieds Marins is located in Carleton-Sur-Mer, in Gaspesia. 

Still the owner of Clinique Santé Aux Pieds Marins, in 2020 I was ready to add herbalism and naturopathy. I undertook a long course of study to become a clinical herbalist-naturopath. I learned integrative herbalism and traditional medicine.


In 2022, I created this online store to meet better the needs of the people who call upon me and to feel coherent with who I have become over the years. Growing my medicinal plants in healthy soil with organic seeds or products is part of my daily life, and growing fruits and vegetables in a self-sufficient way too. Creating products inspires me, relaxes me and helps me take care of myself, of you.

My story

My Partners:

Clinique Santé Aux Pieds Marins

894-C Perron Boulevard

Carleton-Sur-Mer, Quebec

G0C 1J0

(581) 886-2440


The clinic allows Herboristerie la Terre Mère / Mother Earth Herbalism to have a point of service at certain times from Monday to Thursday. People from the surrounding area can pick up their orders directly from the clinic to avoid postage costs after receiving clear instructions on the times they are allowed. No visits are allowed without a prior call.

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