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Helps relieve inflamed skin as a compress. The violet is fabulous to accompany during colds, relieve coughs, clear mucus. Softens the digestive mucous membranes, offers a mild laxative effect. Dosage Dilute the preparation in a sip of water. Mix together before consuming. Short term (acute phase) 10-15 drops 2-3 times daily Ingredients: 40% alcohol organic violet leaves Precautions: Always consult a health care practitioner before using this product internally. Consult a healthcare practitioner if your symptoms persist or worsen. These precautions apply to everyone, especially pregnant or breastfeeding women. This website has not been evaluated by Health Canada and the information provided to you does not replace such consultation. The flowers and leaves are harmless, but the root or seeds of violets can cause vomiting or purging.

Violet mother tincture

SKU: H0307
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