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Botanical name : Rosmarinus officinalis

Family : Lamiaceae

The part of the plant used: Flowers

Its origin : Tunisia

His culture: Organic

Its extraction process : Steam distillation


His look: clear, colorless to pale yellow liquid

His smell: Fresh, strong and woody fragrance


The properties of rosemary essential oil:


Analgesic, antidandruff, antirheumatic, cardiotonic, cholagogue, choleretic, decongestant (venous), muscle relaxant, balancing (hormonal), lipolytic, mucolytic, relaxant, toning (capillary), tonic (general).


For well-being and health:


Useful for amenorrhea (absence of menstruation, dysmenorrhea (irregular menstruation), menstrual cramps, loss of energy, improve blood circulation, reduce cerebral hypertension, relieve stress, muscle contractures or tensions, body aches , rheumatism.




For hair with dandruff and hair care if hair loss (alopecia or baldness).


Usage precautions:


External use only and avoid contact with eyes

Keep out of the reach of children

Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children

Not recommended for people with a history of seizures, epileptics, asthmatics or if allergies to essential oils

Irritant in its pure state: always dilute well before application and do not apply on mucous membranes

May contain allergens


This information capsule does not in any way replace a professional consultation with an aromatherapist, an herbalist, a naturopath nor does it replace a medical opinion from a doctor for any use for a therapeutic purpose. This does not engage our responsibility.

Rosemary organic essential oil

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