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They are the ingredients of choice in the field of natural cosmetics. They contain vitamin A, D or E, fatty acids. They are fabulous moisturizers that can easily penetrate your skin in order to offer it a nourishing care.


Taking care of your skin, your face, your body or your hair is possible thanks to organic vegetable oils. These generous oils, obtained by cold pressing, keep their benefits and can be used pure on the skin or diluted in the hair.

Organic vegetable oils are especially known for taking care of the skin, nourishing it, softening it, protecting it, but also for repairing cracks or calming irritations. They also have recognized virtues against skin aging, they regenerate the skin and moisturize it. In skin care they are suitable for everyone, men and women of all ages. They are also very interesting in massage.


In cosmetics, the word "moisturize" means above all to protect the skin from dehydration. Vegetable oil, which creates a film on the skin, can for example replace a cream.


As for organic, the term refers to a certification of products, which correspond to the specifications of organic farming. This implies precise criteria of traceability, storage, etc. 


The contra-indications are very rare concerning this type of oil. It happens in case of allergy to certain compounds like hazelnuts, almonds or nuts in general. Some very specific oils, powerful and active, are also not recommended during pregnancy, such as neem. There is actually little data on its use during pregnancy, which is why this very active oil is not recommended.

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Mother Earth Herbalism offers a wide range of oily macerates to make your cosmetics easier and faster. You can also find in the online store pure organic vegetable oils to conceive the oily macerates of your choice, by selecting one of our many medicinal plants.


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