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Cascara sagrada is one of the best medicinal plants to seek the effect of a mild laxative. Dosage Dilute the preparation in a sip of water. Mix together before consuming. Short term (acute phase: maximum 2 weeks) 5-10 drops once a day at bedtime Ingredients: organic apple cider vinegar 8% organic cascara sagrada bark Precautions: Always try to improve your lifestyle first before you get to use this type of product: increase your water and fiber intake, exercise. Also, psyllium, flaxseed or plantain can be used first. Always consult a health care practitioner before using this product internally. Consult a healthcare practitioner if your symptoms persist or worsen. These precautions apply to everyone, especially pregnant or breastfeeding women. Cascara sagrada should only be used over a short period of time, to avoid creating habituation and intestinal laziness. Excessive use can cause potassium to be lost too quickly, which can cause heart muscle weakness. This would increase the effect of cardiac medications, diuretics or corticosteroids. First use the basic means, consult a professional and respect the dosage. Never use on a child under 7 years old. This website has not been evaluated by Health Canada and the information provided to you does not replace such consultation.

Cascara sagrada vinegar

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