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This salt is the one containing the most minerals. In your bath, it will be perfect.


Ingredient: Dead Sea salt

Its grain: medium size

Its origin: Israel


The properties of Dead Sea salt:


Soothing, purifying, detoxifying, exfoliating, cleansing, purifying, muscle relaxant.




Foot bath, for the design of soaps, shampoos, etc.


Usage precautions:


External use only and avoid contact with eyes

Wearing a mask and goggles for handling is suggested


Its conservation:


Store in an airtight container and close the lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and light. Can be stored for up to 3 years and more in optimal conditions.


This information capsule does not in any way replace a professional consultation with an aromatherapist, an herbalist, a naturopath nor does it replace a medical opinion from a doctor for any use for a therapeutic purpose. This does not engage our responsibility.

dead sea salt

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