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Menthol crystals Menthol crystals are well suited for preparations such as toothpaste, perfume, body balm or lip balm. They are obtained from peppermint oil at a temperature of -22°C. Ingredient: Menthol Its composition: 100% L-menthol Its appearance: Prism shape, translucent crystals Its origin: India Its smell: Strong mint smell Its culture: Organic For well-being and health Anesthetic, analgesic, soothing, decongestant , refreshing, plumping for the lips Its indications Blows, bruises, muscle pain, heavy legs, bad breath, headaches, insect bites Cosmetics Mouthwash, lip balms, refreshing body balm or cream, toothpaste, milks for the body Its use Option 1: Oily phase Let the menthol crystals melt at low temperature in a water bath Option 2: Aqueous phase Let the menthol crystals dissolve cold in a minimal quantity of alcohol, then incorporate it into your mixture Dosage: From 0.1 to 0.2% for oral preparations From 0.1% to 5% to seek the cold effect for the purpose of localized application Solubility: Insoluble in water au, soluble in oil, soluble in alcohol. Storage Store in an airtight container and close the lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and light. Can be stored for up to 3 years in optimal conditions Many precautions (to be read with great attention) Wash your hands after using a Menthol-based product. Do not use pure directly on the skin because it causes irritation Apply to skin whose integrity is not affected Handle with gloves Do not touch your eyes or face with the gloves used for handling Menthol. Avoid contact with the eyes and do not apply Menthol-based formulas near the eyes. Do not inhale the product when it dissolves when hot Dangerous product, respect the dosages which are recommended Keep out of reach of children Never use with children and babies, may cause an apnea reflex or laryngospasm Not recommended for pregnant women and who are breastfeeding Never apply a product containing Menthol to your breasts if you are breastfeeding Never use in people suffering from epilepsy, with a history of seizures or asthma

Menthol crystals

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