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This bamboo charcoal is absorbent, detoxifying and purifying. It is an absolutely interesting ingredient in homemade cosmetics; it helps to eliminate the toxins accumulated and secreted by your skin. It allows to obtain an intense black in the recipes, which adds style to your cosmetics.


Ingredient: Activated carbon

Its composition: Bamboo charcoal

His look: Very fine black powder

Its origin: Asia


Its properties :


Purifying Detoxifying Absorbent


For well-being and health :


Care for acne-prone skin, those subject to pollution, those of smokers and reduce bad breath.


Cosmetics :


Toothpastes, masks, scrubs, compacted powders, soaps.


Its use:


Activated carbon is used in products that are rinsed off such as poultices, shower gels, make-up, masks or soaps.




Mix 250ml of activated charcoal with 125ml of sodium bicarbonate. Your fridge will lose its bad smells.




From 0.1 to 1% as an active ingredient, for make-up up to 80%. Solubility: Insoluble in water, insoluble in oil.


Its conservation:


Store in an airtight container and close the lid tightly after each use. Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture and light. Can be stored for up to 5 years and more in optimal conditions.


Usage precautions:


Keep out of reach of children

Product for external use only

Use for rinse-off products only

Respect the recommended dosages

Not recommended in toothpastes that are for daily use. Deposits inside your gums could form.

Never use in toothpaste if you have porcelain veneers


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